Diablo 3 Characters: The Witch Doctor

Diablo 3 Characters: The Witch Doctor – Backstory
The Witch Doctor was the very first of the Diablo 3 characters to be announced following the reveal of Diablo 3 at Blizzcon 2008. The Witch Doctor is said to be a holy figure from deep within the jungles of Sanctuary, using all sorts of potions, spells and even undead minions to do their bidding against the forces of hell. It’s this summoning skill that makes Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor a combination of Diablo 2’s Druid and Necromancer skill classes. The Necromancer was able to reanimate the corpses of enemies into skeletons and ghostly apparitions, and the Druid was skilled at calling woodland animals to his aid.

The Witch Doctor’s use of potions and elixirs indicates that he or she might have throwing skills as well as enchantment and summoning. In Diablo 2, throwing potions were common and did little damage. If Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor is able to finally turn these explosive potions into deadly grenades, it will bring a new dimension to the character no other Diablo game has seen so far. The Witch Doctor will use the Voodoo Spells, Spirit Spells and Zombie Spells skill trees.

Diablo 3 Characters: The Witch Doctor – The Skills

Firebomb – The Witch Doctor throws a fiery bomb towards his enemies, immolating them in a giant haze. A burning figure rises in the impact explosion, calling to mind burning effigies and even the classic Burning Man ritual. While Firebomb does seem to do substantial damage, it does not attack enemies nearby and will do nothing to kill off a pack of monsters that are already attacking the Witch Doctor.

Horrify – The Witch Doctor summons a giant, menacing figure above his head. This wards off enemies while damaging their health at the same time. Combining Horrify with Firebomb is an interesting option – Horrify will reel the enemies backward, allowing the character space to cast Firebomb.

Locust Swarm – A cloud of insects swarms enemies, eating through the pack all on its own. Once Locust Swarm is cast, it will continue to spread through the monster pack without petering out at one single enemy, until its duration is complete.

Mass Confusion – A screaming tribal figure is conjured above the avatar of the character, causing an entire monster pack to lose their wits and attack each other.

Soul Harvest – The Witch Doctor destroys a group of enemies and streaks of blue light stream from the remains back to the Witch Doctor. This might rejuvenate the character’s health or mana.