World of Warcraft Top Guilds


Whenever the name ‘Top Guild’ is heard, it brings terror into the heart of players, and the reason is the skills that they’ve shown to clear end-game bosses. However, it’s not just the skills because hardcore guilds in World of Warcraft have been playing for decades. They have existed from the time when you had to wait to reach level 40 to obtain a mount, or when a mob could actually defeat you. Yes, the reference is towards Vanilla. There are a lot of new players that aren’t aware of the legendary guilds around the globe, or which server they can be found, and that’s why we have taken the initiative to publish this article and highlight them.

What do you mean by ‘Top Guilds’ in the World of Warcraft?

Well, top wow guilds are hardcore players that have formed a team and decided to raid end-game dungeon together. These players are highly dedicated to their guild ranks and character gameplay, with the goal to clear every new content that has been added onto the platform before the other guilds. The guild that conquers the World, Realm, or Region first will be crowned as the best guild in the entire game.

Now, if you are the first and only of the wow guilds to defeat the final boss of the hardest end-game content, then that is something that has required an adequate amount of knowledge and skills. However, you would need to spend an awful amount of time preparing strategies for clearing the dungeon, before wow leaving guild. Time plays a crucial role here because the more you invest, the more content your guild will unlock and also better equipment. Apart from equipment, the primary reason why hardcore players form a wow best guilds and clear dungeons are for the Glory! It’s not like they’re being sent fat paychecks for grinding 15+ hours every day.

What are the top guilds of World of Warcraft?

WoW-ranking sites differ among data, and they have some debates going on about who is on top of the wow best guilds. However, we will only concentrate on two of the current best guilds in the game. The first one is Complexity-Limit (NA) that plays in the Illidan realm and the second one is Echo (EU) that plays in the Tarren realm.

Honorable Mentions

Method, a legend among the guild of Warcraft, who has been at the very top for more than a decade. They have been around from the time of The Burning Crusade, which was in the year 2007. Speaking of Exorsus, they were at the top of the chain in the Russian realms, and they would’ve been at the top globally if it wasn’t for Method back then. However, this guild is waiting for the right time to strike and rise up again.

What are some of the best websites that I can visit to view the guild rankings?

There are a few sites that are dedicated to guild rankings, and if you look in general, then Warcraft rankings are superior to most of the other MMORPG platforms. However, that’s not what we are here to talk about, so let’s look at the list. We recommend WoWProgress and Raider. Enjoy!

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