Runescape Profiatable Magic Guide

Usually, training your magic level is one of the most expensive skills to train. But what if you could do that and make money. Here are some ways that you can gain magic experience and make some GPs. The first method isn’t the best ever. Get a air staff and 100-1000 law runes. Then go to the Chaos Temple (north-west of the Goblin Village and the Mind Altar. Go into the temple and cast telekinetic grab on the zamorak wine on the table. This will give you about .7k per cast in GPs and about 50 experience per cast as well. You will have to go somewhere and bank it when you run out of inventory spaces so you should try to have all open inventory spaces except for the one with the law runes in it. The downside about this method is that there isn’t any nearby bank to deposit the zamorak wine in. The best way to gain magic experience profitably is by attacking cows in the field with Beefy Bill north of lumbridge, east of Draynor Manor, and south of the Barbarian Village. You should use bring mage robes of some sort, an amulet of power, and a staff of air. In your inventory you should bring about 2,500 mind runes so that you can sit there and train for a while. This makes about 25 experience and about 180 GP per cow. Beefy Bill will deposit your hides and beef, but not the bones and he charges 10% of the material deposited. This method probably ties for best with training on cows, but makes much less money and gains you much more experience. Get at least 1000 (12,000 will work the best) steel nails and go to the Fist of Guthix. When you go into the arena make sure that you have a staff of fire and the steel nails. Next go into your inventory and drag the nails into the spot where you click for high alchemy. When they give you the runes put on your staff of fire and start clicking on high alchemy and then on the steel nails. This makes you about 5-10 GP per nail and up to 15000 magic experience over the whole game. When it’s your turn to be hunter just use ranged or a scimitar (or 2h sword) and melee or range them. This will get you magic experience super fast and will also give you some Fist of Guthix tokens, but you will almost always loose so the amount will be small. This method pretty much forfeits your rating so consider carefully if you have a high rating, but can easily make you 50,000 experience per hour.
I hope that you found this guide helpful and profitable!