World of Warcraft Druid Guide / Druid Leveling Guide

Any World of Warcraft Druid guide will include a great number of things. I’m going to briefly go over them all so we don’t get too sidetracked. When playing a World of Warcraft Druid, the most noticeable and useful of their skills is the ability to shapeshift. By shapeshifting as a Druid in World of Warcraft, you can essentially become a Warrior (Tanking) and Rogue (Melee DPS), a Priest (Healer), or a Mage (Spell DPS). It’s all depending on your gear and Druid build. No wonder more and more people are choosing druids nowadays!

Druid is a hybrid class. They emulate other classes’ abilities and special traits. As stated above, before you read any further, you’re going to have to decide what it is that you want to do with your druid. Druids can basically do anything you want them to do. If you want to…

-Melee DPS you’ll need to focus on agility and strength gear and make your druid build in World of Warcraft focusing on Bestial Combat and Cat form. Take some pointers from your Rogue friends on exactly what gear to pick up and what you’ll need as far as gear goes in WoW.

-Spell DPS you’ll need to focus on intellect and stamina (especially for Druid PvP). The Intellect gives you extra mana and spells critical strike rating when you’re druid PvPing. Also, the Stamina is going to be much needed as you will likely be wearing a mixture between leather and cloth (just like a squishy caster =P)

-Tank then you’ll want to focus on Stamina, Defense, and Resilience. Strength is important here too because when you’re Druid tanking in World of Warcraft while in Bear Form, you gain 2 attack power for every 1 strength, which helps you hold aggro. If you’re having trouble holding aggro, you might want to start wearing more strength gear. Also, Defense is important but it’s not nearly as important as it would be if you were a warrior. Because you have such a high dodge chance naturally, you’re going to be able to hit your cap without loading your defense out too much.

-Heal, basically gear yourself the same as a Spell DPS Druid in World of Warcraft.

So there you go. Now you know exactly how to gear yourself depending on what specialization or druid build you use in World of Warcraft. Take care fellow druids and I’ll see you in the game….unless you’re Horde…then I’ll kill you! =P

World of Warcraft Mounts: 5 Difficult Flying Mounts to Obtain

If you like collecting mounts in World of Warcraft, there are numerous mounts out there that you can add to your collection with ease. This list, however, contains some of the most difficult flying mounts to obtain in the game due to extremely low drop rates, large time commitments, or other factors. While there are lots of other mounts that are hard to obtain not included in this list, these mounts definitely deserve to be classified as difficult to achieve.
Violet Proto-Drake Mount
The Violet Proto-Drake mount is one that is difficult to obtain not because of a low drop rate, but due to the extreme amount of time and effort that is needed to obtain it. Not only will you spend countless hours during the special holiday seasons earning the required achievements to work toward this proto-drake, you will have to wait a minimum of one year to actually obtain your mount. This is because the required seasonal achievements are spaced throughout the year. If you work diligently earning these holiday achievements without missing any (requiring you to wait even longer than a year for that particular holiday month to come back around), after your year of traveling Azeroth you will receive the grand achievement of “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been.” You will finally have your Violet Proto-Drake mount!

Blue Dragonhawk and Red Dragonhawk Mounts
The Blue Dragonhawk (Alliance) and Red Dragonhawk (Horde) is awarded once you have earned 100 mounts, earning you the “Mountain O’ Mounts” achievement. This requires a lot of time, money, and energy that many people do not want to put forth. You will receive lots of other achievements along the way and have a nice selection of ground and flying mounts, but plan on making your Dragonhawk mount a long-term goal. Characters that have been around since earlier expansions may find this easier, since lots of reputation and mounts required for the achievement have probably been accumulated over time unintentionally. This is definitely an achievement that can’t be completely quickly, but the exact amount of time required for it is up to the devotion and time commitment of the player. It could end up a much shorter or longer wait than the Violet-Proto Drake (which takes a year.)

Time-Lost Proto-Drake Mount
The Time-Lost Proto-Drake you need to kill to loot this mount only has a chance to spawn. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake and another drake, Vyragosa, share a spawn timer. The exact time isn’t known, but many people speculate one of the two drakes will spawn ever 6 to 12 hours in the Storm Peaks. Another problem with getting this mount is that if the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is not engaged in combat within approximately 15 minutes, it will then despawn. There are lots of discussions, strategies, and maps found here for those interesting in obtaining this rare mount.

Onyxian Drake Mount
The Onyxian flying mount drops off of the raid boss Onyxia. This drake is so hard to obtain simply because it has an extremely low drop rate. The drop rate for the Onyxian Drake is approximately 0.2%, although there are reports that the drop rate has been raised to a 1%-2% drop rate. Since this raid can only be done weekly, you will have to spend many weeks killing Onyxia before you see the mount drop unless you are ridiculously lucky and don’t have someone ninja loot it off her.

Green Proto-Drake Mount
Before you can start trying to obtain this mount, you must first become revered with the Oracles in Scholazar Basin. Then you can buy a “Mysterious Egg” once a week from their quartermaster. After the seven days is up, you can click to open your egg and see if your proto-drake is inside. With approximately a 2% drop rate and only being allowed to buy one egg at a time, this drake can take many weeks to obtain. Maybe if you’re lucky you wont have to go through a dozen or more eggs to earn your mount.

Runescape Profiatable Magic Guide

Usually, training your magic level is one of the most expensive skills to train. But what if you could do that and make money. Here are some ways that you can gain magic experience and make some GPs. The first method isn’t the best ever. Get a air staff and 100-1000 law runes. Then go to the Chaos Temple (north-west of the Goblin Village and the Mind Altar. Go into the temple and cast telekinetic grab on the zamorak wine on the table. This will give you about .7k per cast in GPs and about 50 experience per cast as well. You will have to go somewhere and bank it when you run out of inventory spaces so you should try to have all open inventory spaces except for the one with the law runes in it. The downside about this method is that there isn’t any nearby bank to deposit the zamorak wine in. The best way to gain magic experience profitably is by attacking cows in the field with Beefy Bill north of lumbridge, east of Draynor Manor, and south of the Barbarian Village. You should use bring mage robes of some sort, an amulet of power, and a staff of air. In your inventory you should bring about 2,500 mind runes so that you can sit there and train for a while. This makes about 25 experience and about 180 GP per cow. Beefy Bill will deposit your hides and beef, but not the bones and he charges 10% of the material deposited. This method probably ties for best with training on cows, but makes much less money and gains you much more experience. Get at least 1000 (12,000 will work the best) steel nails and go to the Fist of Guthix. When you go into the arena make sure that you have a staff of fire and the steel nails. Next go into your inventory and drag the nails into the spot where you click for high alchemy. When they give you the runes put on your staff of fire and start clicking on high alchemy and then on the steel nails. This makes you about 5-10 GP per nail and up to 15000 magic experience over the whole game. When it’s your turn to be hunter just use ranged or a scimitar (or 2h sword) and melee or range them. This will get you magic experience super fast and will also give you some Fist of Guthix tokens, but you will almost always loose so the amount will be small. This method pretty much forfeits your rating so consider carefully if you have a high rating, but can easily make you 50,000 experience per hour.
I hope that you found this guide helpful and profitable!

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG Review

One of the hottest games to come out of 2011 was Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). This MMORPG from BioWare and Electronic Arts was long-awaited and sure to please the Star Wars or MMO fan. With a game this big, it’s hard to put everything there is to say about it into such a short and concise review but I will attempt to cover the basics to help you determine whether or not it’s right for you.

I’ve been waiting for the game since I first heard they were going to make it and I’ve been playing it since beta. I’ve been writing about it for a very popular SWTOR fan site and every day of my life for the past 12 months or more has been devoted to SWTOR in some way. This is not to say I am a biased fan – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Since it is my job to research, write and report on the game, I am required to see all sides of it with an objective eye and pass this on to the readers and fans.

While it is not without its faults and bugs – like any new game will have – all in all, it is a very good game. It’s well-rounded, with all the features you expect in an MMORPG but with the added storyline factor like no one but BioWare can do.


From the very start, you will be impressed with the graphics in SWTOR. It looks fantastic, the character customization has many options for you and once you enter the game, you will find beautiful worlds, amazing scenery and creative interaction. The game is beautiful – to a fault for some people, as the graphics prove to be too much for certain systems. With some minor tweaking, you should be able to adjust your settings for smooth gameplay, however.


Story is the real meat and potatoes of SWTOR. It’s what BioWare has going for it and what makes this MMO different from so many other similar games on the market. The unique storyline combined with full voice acting like never before done in a video game and the turn-based story choices with light side and dark side options and consequences make this game like a book or movie come to life that you get to experience first-hand.


There are some go-here-get-this quests like any MMORPG but for the most part, the mindless farming quests are reduced in SWTOR. The class quests that directly affect your personal storyline are the most interesting but still, all the quests have a point and a story which adds to the overall gameplay.


Replayability is high with SWTOR because no two characters are exactly the same. Each class has a unique story of their own and the choices you make in the game ultimately affect the outcome of your story. You could play the exact same class, specced the exact same way but make different choices in your storyline and still come out with a completely different gaming experience. This makes it more appealing to play various alts.

Pros and Cons

Just like any game, there will be parts that you like and parts that you don’t. It’s rare – if not impossible – that any game will suit every gamer completely. Some benefits to SWTOR are the great graphics, the unprecedented storyline and the relatable characters and Star Wars plot.

Some downsides to the game are that there is no structured tutorial and you have to figure many things out for yourself. Some important decisions made early on- like which Advanced Class to choose- will not be so clear to the new player and mistakes are irreversible.

Another con is that SWTOR does not have add-ons, macros, customizable UI or other features like this that many MMORPGs have but it is possible that the game will allow it later on- once it’s been out longer.

Diablo 3 Characters: The Witch Doctor

Diablo 3 Characters: The Witch Doctor – Backstory
The Witch Doctor was the very first of the Diablo 3 characters to be announced following the reveal of Diablo 3 at Blizzcon 2008. The Witch Doctor is said to be a holy figure from deep within the jungles of Sanctuary, using all sorts of potions, spells and even undead minions to do their bidding against the forces of hell. It’s this summoning skill that makes Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor a combination of Diablo 2’s Druid and Necromancer skill classes. The Necromancer was able to reanimate the corpses of enemies into skeletons and ghostly apparitions, and the Druid was skilled at calling woodland animals to his aid.

The Witch Doctor’s use of potions and elixirs indicates that he or she might have throwing skills as well as enchantment and summoning. In Diablo 2, throwing potions were common and did little damage. If Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor is able to finally turn these explosive potions into deadly grenades, it will bring a new dimension to the character no other Diablo game has seen so far. The Witch Doctor will use the Voodoo Spells, Spirit Spells and Zombie Spells skill trees.

Diablo 3 Characters: The Witch Doctor – The Skills

Firebomb – The Witch Doctor throws a fiery bomb towards his enemies, immolating them in a giant haze. A burning figure rises in the impact explosion, calling to mind burning effigies and even the classic Burning Man ritual. While Firebomb does seem to do substantial damage, it does not attack enemies nearby and will do nothing to kill off a pack of monsters that are already attacking the Witch Doctor.

Horrify – The Witch Doctor summons a giant, menacing figure above his head. This wards off enemies while damaging their health at the same time. Combining Horrify with Firebomb is an interesting option – Horrify will reel the enemies backward, allowing the character space to cast Firebomb.

Locust Swarm – A cloud of insects swarms enemies, eating through the pack all on its own. Once Locust Swarm is cast, it will continue to spread through the monster pack without petering out at one single enemy, until its duration is complete.

Mass Confusion – A screaming tribal figure is conjured above the avatar of the character, causing an entire monster pack to lose their wits and attack each other.

Soul Harvest – The Witch Doctor destroys a group of enemies and streaks of blue light stream from the remains back to the Witch Doctor. This might rejuvenate the character’s health or mana.